sara eudy (brooklyn8) wrote in beautyassassin,
sara eudy

skull face bandandas.... 10.00 shipped...

is anyone interested in skull face bandanas? i have some left from a run.. originally i said 15.00 shipped... but ive changed my mind... 10.00 SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE IN THE US... (12.00 to canada.. 15.00 to the uk)  

i wanted to know if there is any interest.. should i post them on ebay? or just sell them through lj?
let me know what you think....

here are some different styles and colors i have...
 white on black
 white on camo
 brite green on black
 brite green with silver teef... on black
 gold teef on black
 gold teef  on camo

let me know if you want one.. i have a super limited number of them.. ie: maybe 2 or 3 left of each style...
ONLY $10.00!! SHIPPED!! (within the US.)
yes. i need money. buy it.
message me with the color/style you want before sending money to confirm i still have it available..
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